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[Jap.Single+MV] SHOW LUO (ショウ・ルオ) – FANTASY

[Bonus Tracks] SHOW LUO (羅志祥) – Lion Roar (Champion Encore Version)

[Album+MV] Show Luo (羅志祥) – Lion Roar (獅子吼)

The Dancing King of Asia Show Luo wrote and composed four tracks in the tenth Mandarin album of his career Lion Roar, and his first after joining Sony Music. Sporting both gold hair and black hair styles, Show’s 20 looks for the album carry a price tag of NT$4 million plus limited and valuable accessory items from his personal collection. Some of the main plugs of Lion Roar include the pop electronic track “Love Falling into the Trap of Love” and “Lion Roar.”

01 愛投羅網
02 愛騙我
03 未完的承諾
04 惜命命
05 獅子吼
06 第六十一分鐘
07 愛我喊出來
08 愛慘了
09 想逃
10 如果還有如果

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Download : Part1 | Part2

[YouTube MV]  愛投羅網| 未完的承諾 | 惜命命 | 想逃

[Album New Songs+MV] Show Luo (羅志祥) – Over The Limit (舞極限)

Show Luo is going to kick-start his Over the Limit world tour in 2013, beginning with two concerts at the Taipei Arena in early January. Fans can warm themselves up now with his new greatest-hits collection of the same name, which puts together the highlights of his recording career in the last five years. On top of 33 hits from his five best-selling albums released between 2007 and 2012, the Taiwan dance king has also recorded three new songs for this package, including the tour theme song “Over the Limit”. This selection of 36 tracks is separated on two CDs, one for up-tempo dance numbers and the other for slower ballads.

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01 舞極限 (Wu Ji Xian)
02 鬧翻天 (Nao Fan Tian)
03 空中飛人 (Kong Zhong Fei Ren)


[YouTube MV] 舞極限 | 空中飛人 | 鬧翻天

[Album+MV] SHOW LUO (ショウ・ルオ) – RUNNER

One of the biggest stars in Chinese music, Show Luo crossed over to the Japanese music world in 2012. After two single releases, Show is finally releasing his first Japanese-language album The Show! In addition to his two singles Dante and Magic, the album features eight other energetic new song from the Taiwan superstar!

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02 Bounce!
03 Dance in Paradise
08 Tarantula
09 I Just Wanna Love You
10 See The Same Sky

Download : Songs Num. 1,2,4,5,9 Without Chinese Talk! | Rest Songs

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