[Album+MV] Landy Wen (溫嵐) – 愛上自己 (Love MySelf)

It’s time to get back onto the dance floor! Two years after her last, Landy Wen returns with a new album in Love Myself! Seeking to break new ground musically and visually, Landy shows off her bold new look while taking on new musical styles with renowned producers like Jerry Barnes, who’s previously worked with Chaka Khan, Boyz II Men and Wonder Girls.

01. Dance Floor
02. 放閃 PDA
03. One More Shot
04. 我愛上自己 Love Myself
05. 1450之巔 1450 M.S.L.
06. 沒事 I’m Alright
07. 底線 Bottom Line
08. 睡過頭 Overslept
09. 快要喜歡你 Gonna Fall For You
10. 失控 Losing Control
Bonus Track
11. Never Say Never

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m


[YouTube MV] 沒事 I’m Alright | 放閃 PDA | 底線 Bottom Line


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