[Album+MV] Ailee (에일리) – VIVID

From Heaven and “I’ll Show You” to U & I and “Don’t Touch Me,” Ailee has become one of the top solo artists of her generation with her powerhouse vocals. Three years since her debut, the young diva is now releasing her first full-length album Vivid. The album’s ten tracks, which include “Mind Your Own Business” and Insane, span a variety of genres including rock ballad, ballad, retro soul, pop, and urban.

01 너나 잘해
02 Insane
03 미워도 사랑해
04 Second Chance
05 Symphony (Feat. 챈슬러)
06 사람이 왜 그래
07 Letting Go (Feat. Amber)
08 Love Recipe
09 잔을 채우고
10 한걸음 더

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download “m4a”

[YouTube Full MV] 너나 잘해 Insane


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