[Album+MV] Kenji Wu (吳 克羣) – On The Way To The Stars

Almost three years after his last, Kenji Wu returns with a new album in On The Way To The Stars! As his first album since joining Warner Music Taiwan, the lovingly crafted On The Way To The Stars fully displays Kenji’s artistry as a rock poet and sees the singer-songwriter taking on Britpop stylings.

01. 數星星的人 On the way to the stars
02. 在你身邊 By your side
03. 你是我的星球 You are my Jupiter
04. 囧 Dumbfounded
05. 不會痛的不叫愛情 No pain no love
06. 那些我再也不做的事 Things I’d never do
07. 我們的冒險 Risk for love
08. 越走越遠 Love afar
09. 該怎麼辦怎麼辦 Let things be
10. 너 귀엽다你好可愛 feat. 宋智孝 You are so cute feat. Song Ji Hyo
11. 冰的啦 Flip over the table
12. 如果不能好好愛 If love could be simple as that
13. 英雄野望 Hero’s ego

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m


[YouTube Full MV] 不會痛的不叫愛情 | 你是我的星球


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