[Album+MV] A-Mei Chang (張惠妹) – AMIT2

Six years after the multi award-winning, best-selling AMIT, A-mei Chang returns with a follow-up to her side project in AMIT2! Once again working with renowned producer Adia, A-mei has ramped up the elements that made AMIT so successful, incorporating bolder sounds and visuals to create an album that delivers a whole new listening experience.

01. 戰之祭
02. 怪胎秀
03. 母系社會
04. 衝突得很
05. 放了那個作品
06. 不睡
07. 牙買加的檳榔
08. 難搞
09. 血腥愛情故事
10. 你想幹什麼

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download: Part1 | Part2

[MV YouTube] 怪胎秀 | 怪胎秀(負片初始版)

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