[Single+MV] FLOWER – さよなら、アリス (Sayonara, Alice)/ TOMORROW ~しあわせの法則~ (-Shiawase no Housoku-)

After scoring a hit album as part of E–girls, EXILE family female group Flower kicks off their own 2015 activities with a new single and a new album. Their new double A-side single – the group’s first single since the departure of Muto Chiharu – features Sayonara, Alice (featuring a music video directed by Ninagawa Mika) and film theme song Tomorrow – Shiawase no Housoku.

01 さよなら、アリス
02 TOMORROW ~しあわせの法則~
03 あの日のさよなら

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download “m4a”

[Full YouTube MV] さよなら、アリス

[Full YouTube MV] TOMORROW -しあわせの法則-

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