[Album] Versailles – NOBLE

Visual rock band Versailles, formed by vocalist Kamijo and guitarist Hizaki with Teru, Jasmine, and Yuki as additional members, continues to rise in popularity. Clad in stylish rose-ornamented costumes, they’ll be performing their lyrical songs live during an extensive tour this summer. Before all the live excitement, they present their first full-length album Noble, featuring a “New Take” version of their debut single The Revenant Choir and their second single A Noble was Born in Chaos, previously only for sale at concerts.

01 Prelude
02 Aristocrat’s Symphony
03 Antique in the Future
04 Second Fear -Another Descendant-
05 Zombie
06 After Cloudia
07 Windress
08 The Revenant Choir
09 To The Chaos Inside
11 History of The Other Side
12 Episode

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download : Part1 | Part2

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