[Album+MV] Yuna Ito (伊藤由奈) – Heart

Ever since her role as Reira in the manga-to-movie blockbuster NANA, Ito Yuna’s all-round talent has won her a lot of fans. Showing her talents as vocalist time and time again, she has released several chart-strong singles. All of these, including her No. 2 hit ENDLESS STORY (featured in NANA), as well as her theme songs Precious and Faith from LIMIT OF LOVE – Umizaru and the CX series drama “Unfair” can be found on this release. Sending music lovers her premier 13-track album, Ito is ready to please everybody with Heart.

03 Losin’
04 Know-How
05 Precious
06 Tender Is The Night
07 Fragile
08 Nobody Knows
09 Faith
10 Stay For Love
11 Truth
12 Perfume
13 Precious -Wedding Extended Ver.

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download : Part1 | Part2

[If you like any of yuna ito MV, you can request any these MV]

[YouTube MV] Truth | Stuck On You | Faith | Losin’ | Precious | ENDLESS STORY


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