[TV SounTrack] Wonderful Days OST (참 좋은 시절 OST)

Dong Suk is on his way home. A poor 18-year-old boy who left his home, becomes a prosecutor, a fairly successful job and returns to his old home after 15 years. It was not that easy to be back home. When he thought of his family, he was embarrassed, shameful, angry and he wanted to get away from them. However, for the first time in his life, he would say “Thank you.”, “Sorry.”, “You made my heart-broken.”, “I love you.” and he would hold his mother’s rough hands, have soju with his siblings, take a walk with his sister, and buy presents for his nephews. Finally, he would realize the days that he spent with them was of the most beautiful and memorable days in his life. Let’s meet the value of your family, love, neighbours, warmth, the things that you have forgotten for a moment because of your busy daily life.

01 Jay’s Theme [Wonderful Days Main Theme]
02 Sky
03 Mother Universe [Trailer Version]
04 Soaring [Ending Title]
05 Woody’s Harmonica
06 Wonderful Days Theme I [Trailer Version]
07 Hellen’s Song
08 A Prayer
09 Aria [English Version]
10 Echoban Chase
11 Wonderful Days Theme II [Orchestra Version]
12 Mar’s Theme
13 Aria- Dream [Korean Version]
14 Wonderful Days Theme III [Piano Version]

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download : Part1 | Part2


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