[TV SoundTrack] Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST (제빵왕 김탁구 OST)

summer drama Baker King, Kim Tak Goo has blown away the competition to become the highest-rated series of the year. High Kick Through the Roof’s breakout star Yoon Si Yoon makes his leading man debut as the eponymous hero Kim Tak Goo, a hot-blooded young man with a natural nose for baking. Coming of age in 1970-80s Korea, he managed to keep his chin up through a tough childhood and years of fighting on the streets, but the real challenge awaits in the kitchen. The drama co-stars Eugene, Lee Young Ah, acclaimed actor Chun Kwang Ryul, and newcomer Joo Won as Tak Goo’s stepbrother and rival.
With Baker King, Kim Tak Goo dominating the ratings on television, anticipation for the soundtrack is also very high. Lee Seung Chul’s theme “That Person” (Track 3) has already topped digital and ringtone charts. The drama’s soundtrack also includes V.O.S’s “At the End of the Day” (Track 1), KCM’s R&B number “Love You to Death” (Track 2), Bada’s ballad “The Only One” (Track 4), and Super Junior Kyu Hyun’s end theme “Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps”.

01 Eru (이루) – 사랑아 (Love)
02 그 사람 (Song by 이승철)
03 나를 위해 (Acoustic Ver.)
04 나를 위해
05 희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈
06 사랑이야
07 너 하나만
08 Love
09 하루의 끝에
10 죽도록 사랑해

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