*July.2014* Dream For All UpDate

  1. 2014 Oricon Number 1 Releases
  3. [All Singles+MV] VIXX (빅스) – SUPER HERO / Rock Ur Body / 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 / Y.BIRD From Jellyfish Island / 나를 돌아봐
  4. [Album+MV] A-Mei Chang (張惠妹) – 偏執面 (Faces Of Paranoia – Only The Paranoid Survive)
  5. [Single+MV] GLAY (グレイ) – BLEEZE -G4・III-
  6. [Korean TV SoundTrack] 불꽃 속으로 OST (Boolkkot Sogeuro/Into the Fire OST)
  7. [Mini Album+MV] Henry (헨리) From Super Junior-M – Fantastic
  8. [Single+MV] DEEP (ディープ) – Just The Way You Are
  9. [Jap.Single+MV] U-KISS (ユーキス) – LOVE ON U
  10. [Single+MV] KAMIJO – 闇夜のライオン (Yami No Lion)
  11. [Single+MV] EXILE (エグザイル) – NEW HORIZON
  12. [Album+MV] Jane Zhang (張靚穎) – 第七感 (The Seventh Sense)
  13. *JULY.7* KARAOKE Instrumental Songs Selection
  14. [2Albums] Sally Miura (三浦サリー) – 恋ノ歌2 (Koino Uta2) Best Selection / 泣キ歌2 (Naki Uta2) Best Selection
  15. [Album] Dae Sung (D-LITE/テソン) – D’Slove
  16. [Album+MV] JYJ (제이와이제이) – Just Us

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