*April.2014* Dream For All UpDates

  1. [Album+MV] Shoko Nakagawa (中川翔子) – 9Lives
  2. [Single+MV] LOLLIPOP F (棒棒堂) – BIG SHOT (那麼厲害)
  3. [Jap.Single+MV] FT ISLAND (エフティ・アイランド) – 未体験 Future (Mitaiken Future)
  4. [Best Album] モーニング娘。全シングルカップリングコレクション2 (Morning Musume. All Single Coupling Collection 2)
  5. “Part-1″ [Single+Albums+MV] jyA-Me (ヤミー) – White Sweet Love/Luv. Me/Follow.Me
  6. [Single+MV] Toheart (투하트) – Tell Me Why
  7. [Taiwan TV SoundTrack] Just You OST (就是要你愛 OST)
  8. “Part-2″ [Albums+MV] jyA-Me (ヤミー) – With.Me-Duet Cover-/This is. Me
  9. [Best Album] SCANDAL (スキャンダル) – Best Scandal
  10. [Best Album] Kenji Wu (吴 克羣) – MagiK Great Hits
  11. [Best Album+MV] AAA (トリプル・エー) – Another Side Of #AAABEST
  12. [Single+MV] DANCE EARTH PARTY (ダンス・アース・パーティー) – PEACE SUNSHINE
  13. *April.2014* Dream For All  Songs Selection
  14. *April.2014* Instrumental KARAOKE Songs Selection
  15. [Single+MV] GENERATIONS (ジェネレーションズ) – NEVER LET YOU GO
  16. [Best Japanese Album] Alan (アラン) – JAPAN PREMIUM BEST & More…
  17. [15th anniversary Best Album] Do As Infinity (大无限乐团) – The Best Of Do As Infinity
  18. [MV Photos] Dream for All April.2014 Music Videos Photos Selection

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