[Taiwan TV SoundTrack] Just You OST (就是要你愛 OST)

Just You is a funny foes-turned lovers story revolving around the office romance between the handsome Aaron Yan and the beautiful Puff Kuo. Liang Liang (Puff Kuo) is determined to make her cold boss Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) fall in love with her in order to revoke the “love ban” that Qi Yi imposed on all the staff in the company. The two also end up sharing an apartment due to a duplicated contract. Literally spending their days and nights together, Qi Yi begins to see another side of Liang Liang that makes him wonder if he should abolish the ban so that he can give their love a chance.
The soundtrack contains 13 songs from the drama, including duet “My Sweetheart” by Genie Chou and Alien Huang, “Only Halfway Through Our Story” by songbird Freya Lim, as well as “One in A Thousand” and “The Cat in the Village” by Alien Huang.

01 心爱的 (卓文萱/黄鸿升)  (Alien Huang/Genie Chuo)
02 别在办公室谈恋爱! (配乐) (Soundtrack)
03 我们的故事只讲了一半 (林凡)  (Freya Lim)
04 再怎么纠缠, 还是有家的温暖 (配乐)  (Soundtrack)
05 千分之一 (黄鸿升) (Alien Huang)
06 专属的恋爱表情 (配乐) (Soundtrack)
07 村上的猫 (黄鸿升)  (Alien Huang)
08 我不是你的马桶! (配乐)  (Soundtrack)
09 爱, 不要凋谢好吗? (配乐)  (Soundtrack)
10 大确幸 (黄鸿升)  (Alien Huang)
11 不可爱的猫 (配乐)  (Soundtrack)
12 要把我丢掉吗? (配乐)  (Soundtrack)
13 你会变成我的爱 (配乐)  (Soundtrack)

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download: Part1 | Part2


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