[Album+MV] Angela Chang (張韶涵) – 張韶涵 (Angela Zhang)

Angela Zhang makes an eye-catching comeback as a robot girl in her latest self-titled 3D-concept album, her eighth album. The music video of the main plug “OK Bounce,” which cost NT$3 million to make, sees Angela with a fresh bob hairdo dancing in a flashy, futuristic-looking robot suit.

01. OK蹦
02. 為愛而活
03. 我的眼淚
04. 陽光空氣
05. 愛沒有錯
06. 愛旅行的人
07. 愛磁場
08. 討好
09. 刺情
10. 活在此刻
11. Never Forget You

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download: Part1 | Part2

[YouTube MV] OK蹦 | 為愛而活 | 我的眼淚 | 陽光空氣 |

刺情 | 愛沒有錯 | 討好 | 愛旅行的人


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