[Best Album] HOME MADE 家族 (KAZOKU) – 家宝 (Kahou) -THE BEST OF HOME MADE 家族

Since their major debut in 2004, HOME MADE Kazoku has now released a total of 25 singles and 7 original albums. They celebrate this achievement and their 10th anniversary year by releasing their very first BEST album, “Kahou- The Best of HOME MADE KAZOKU-” This album is fully loaded with 17 hit singles, features “Thank You” (theme song for the anime series “Bleach”) and “Shonen Heart” (theme song for anime series “Eureka Seven”). Also included are two of their 10th anniversary singles “Kimigaitakara” and “Hashiritsuzukeru”.

01. キミガイタカラ
02. 少年ハート  “m4a”
03. アイコトバ
04. サンキュー!!
05. 君がくれたもの  “m4a”
06. fantastic 3 feat. SEAMO  “m4a”
07. FREEDOM  “m4a”
08. サルビアのつぼみ
09. Tomorrow featuring 九州男
10. YOU ~あなたがそばにいる幸せ~
11. ハシリツヅケル   “m4a”
12. HOME SWEET HOME (Reborn) “m4a”
14. 流れ星 ~Shooting Star~ “m4a”
15. Love is… feat. Ms.OOJA
16. マモルベキモノ-新曲- “m4a”
17. サンキュー!!(Reborn) -新録- “m4a”

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download: Part1 | Part2


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