*August.2013* Dream For All UpDate

  1. [Single+MV] SoulJa (ソルジャ) – 雨のち晴れ (Ame Nochi Hare)/ What’s your name? Collaboration With 壇蜜 (Dan Mitsu)
  2. [Single+MV] D-LITE (Dae Sung From Big Bang) – I LOVE YOU
  3. [Single+MV] Jin Akanishi (赤西仁) – HEY WHAT’S UP?
  4. [Album New Songs Only] SHINee (샤이니) – The misconceptions of us
  5. *August.2013* Songs Selection
  6. *August.2013* Songs KARAOKE Instrumental Selection
  7. [Single+MV] THE SECOND – SURVIVORS Feat. DJ MAKIDAI from EXILE / Pride
  8. [Mini Album+MV] Seung Ri (승리) – Let’s Talk About Love
  9. [Single+MV] EXILE ATSUSHI – 道しるべ (Michishirube)
  10. [TV SoundTrack] The Fugitive Plan B OST (도망자 플랜 비)
  11. [Single+MV] Henry (헨리) From Super Junior-M – 1-4-3
  12. [Single+MV] Mika Nakashima (中島美嘉) – 僕が死のうと思ったのは (Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa)
  13. [Single+MV] KAMIJO – Louis – 艶血のラヴィアンローズ (Enketsu no La Vie En Rose)
  14. [Mini Album+MV] Wei Chen (Vision/魏晨) – 登“封”造极
  15. [Single+MV] Lyn (린) – 이 노래 좋아요 (I Like This Song)
  16. [MV Photos] Dream for All July.Augu.2013 Music Videos Photos Selection (2)

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