[Single+MV] Kim Jun Su 김준수 (XIA 준수 From JYJ) – Incredible

Last year, JYJ’s Kim Jun Su made quite the solo debut with his dramatic album Tarantallegra. This year, he’s back with Incredible! Jun Su worked with composers Jeon Hye Sung, C-Luv, Kim Park Sa and Kim Dae Hyun to create a follow-up album covering a variety of genres and styles including dance, ballad, neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop. He collaborates again with Uncommitted composer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer for the powerful title song Incredible.

01 No Reason
02 Rainy Eyes
03 미안
04 Chocolate Girl
05 Incredible (Feat. Quincy Combs)
06 나 지금 고백한다 (Feat. 길미)
07 가지마
Turn It Up (Feat. Dok2)
09 Fantasy
10 이 노래 웃기지 (Narr.붐)
11 사랑하나 봐
12 11시 그 적당함

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download:  Part1 | Part2 (.rar)

[YouTube MV] 11am (11시 그 적당함) | Incredible



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