[Request Album] Alan (阿兰) – Love Song

Tibetan Chinese songstress alan makes her glorious return to Mando-pop after four fruitful years in Japan. Almost a year in the making, alan’s highly anticipated comeback album is certainly in good hands, overseen by famous producer John Yuan who led a group of top songwriters including Vincent Fang, Tina Wang, Qu Shicong, Anson Hu, Peggy Hsu, and JJ Lin. Under the central theme of “love”, the album seeks to provide a more thorough representation of the real alan, offering an eclectic collection of new songs that ranges from her trademark ethnic-styled anthems to refreshing urban pop numbers. The main cuts on the album include the lead single “I’m Back”, the main plug “Phoenix”, the titular track Love Song and its Japanese version

01. 鳳凰
02. 以愛相宜
03. Love Song
04. Lan Lan
05. 長大
06. 我回來了
07. 孤獨的天份
08. 經過南青山
09. 窗外
11. Love Song∼きっともう一度∼

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download: Part1 | Part2 (.rar)


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