[TV Soundtrack] Fabulous Boys (原来是美男 电视原声带) OST

Popular Korean drama You’re Beautiful is transplanted to Taiwan television screens in the 2013 idol drama remake Fabulous Boys. Pop idol Jiro Wang is a natural fit for the role of the testy lead singer of idol rock band A.N.Jell, who falls for his cross-dressing bandmate played by breakout actress Cheng Yu Xi. Up-and-coming actor Hwang In Deok (KO One Return) and singer Evan Yo round out this latest incarnation of A.N.Jell.
Jiro Wang and Evan Yo are joined by Pets Ceng to remake the A.N.Jell songs “Promise” and “Still” (“Believe”) into Mandarin. Jiro also offers a solo version of “Believe” as well as the songs “Half of Me” and “A Life Time of Waiting.” Evan, who plays drummer Jeremy in the drama, contributes “Most Quiet Words” and “Be With Me.”

01 約定 Promise (汪東城、蔡旻佑、曾沛慈 演唱)
02 最安靜的話 Most Muiet Words (蔡旻佑 演唱)
03 相信嗎 Believe Solo Version (汪東城 演唱)
04 黑暗中, 我的星星在哭 My Star is Crying In The Dark (好不好配樂版)
05 半個人 Half of me (汪東城 演唱)
06 高美男 Fighting! Gemma Fighting! (約定配樂版)
07 好不好 Be With Me (蔡旻佑 演唱)
08 一生守候 A Life Time Of Waiting (汪東城 演唱)
09 愛情怎麼喊停 Can’t Stop (曾沛慈 演唱)
10 相信嗎 Believe By A.N.JELL (汪東城、蔡旻佑、曾沛慈 演唱)

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download (.rar)

[YouTube MV] 約定 | 好不好


2 thoughts on “[TV Soundtrack] Fabulous Boys (原来是美男 电视原声带) OST

  1. is there a mp3 version of the songs above instead of .rar version? look forward to hear from you, thanks heaps! 🙂

  2. Hello twinstars,
    .rar is just a zip file, when you download it & open it, you’ll find all songs in mp3 or m4a

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