[Album] Japan Various Artists (オムニバス) – J-R&B~Spring Songs~

The age of the blog is now 4 years old, I am very happy because I spent beautiful moments here, I met new friends, and I still get to know the rest who have common interests with me.
In this blog I wrote about dreams I have since childhood, innocent dreams filled with love and happiness, beautiful world of dreams, made by our thoughts and our hopes in reality.
I chose you this beautiful album to conclude its spring and start a new year, Enjoy

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 HANA feat.YORK/ mimi-K
02 MOTHER / 為岡そのみ
03 春の手紙/福原タカヨシ
04 たった一度だけ/ELLIE
05 ホントのキモチ/Linaca
06 stOp it/YU.KI.KO
07 Rendezvous/為岡そのみ
08 Teenage Love/宏実
09 22/CIMBA
10 AKARI/mimi-K
12 Think Of You/mimi-K
13 Rainy Friday/CIMBA
14 最後の「愛してる」/ 宏実

Download: Part1 | Part2 (.rar) “m4a”


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