*April2013* Songs Selection

01 2NE1 & Will.I.Am – Take The World On
02 BREATHE – Lovers Again
03 BREATHE – Ti Amo
04 CODE-V – Loving You (アカペラver.)
05 GUMMY – 親愛なる君へ feat. D-LITE (from BIGBANG)
06 KYT (코요태) – 거짓말도 보여요
07 태연 (소녀시대) – 그리고 하나

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download1 (.rar)


01 Allen Kibum (알렌기범) – 그리움 (feat. Hot Issue)
02 BREATHE – Best Friend’s Girl
03 BREATHE – 合鍵
04 CODE-V – 14ヶ月
05 CODE-V – 何度サヨナラを繰り返したら僕らは強くなれるの
06 G-DRAGON – 미치 GO
07 天下的姐妹 – 凤凰传奇, 徐千雅
08 炎亚纶 – 纪念日

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Download2 (.rar)


~YouTube MV Selections~

  1. 角松敏生 桃色の雲
  2. 炎亞綸 – 逾時不候的永恆 (MV收錄於「紀念日」 影音館DVD)
  3. 蕭敬騰 Jam Hsiao – 蕭敬騰同名世界巡迴演唱會VCR
  4. Taylor Swift – 22
  5. SHINee – 「Fire」 Music Video
  6. Mariah Carey – Almost Home
  7. 角松敏生 花瓶 (30th Anniversary Live)
  8. 「パズル / HI-D 」Music Video
  9. AllenKibum -그리움 MV
  10. 角松敏生 RAMP IN

5 thoughts on “*April2013* Songs Selection

  1. hello, i want to download sandaime j soul brothers tsugi no jidai e, the instrumental for orchestral version. the link was broken. would you like to fix it? also, i wonder if you have On Your Mark instrumental version. i’ve been looking for it everywhere but can’t find it >< thank you very much for your help…

  2. thank you very much! ah, one more song i need to ask. do you have sandaime j soul brothers Go My Way instrumental version? sorry if i asked too much ><

  3. ah, i’m sorry i think i will bother you again this time. it seems that i can’t open x-rar file. is it for mac? how to open it with windows xp?

  4. Hello Samejima Rie again I hope you enjoy n Dream for All
    When you download that file & add .rar in it, you will find another unknown file add .rar again to it
    then open the file & add the password by copy it from this post & peste it to that file
    J O Y

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