[Album+MV] G.E.M. (鄧紫棋) – The Best Of 2008 – 2012

G.E.M. took the Hong Kong music scene by storm in 2008 when she debuted at the tender age of 16 with vocal talent far beyond her years. Her star has only risen since, and she was just recently crowned Hong Kong’s best-selling local female artist of 2012 at the IFPI Top Sales Music Awards. The Best Of 2008-2012 compilation collects the 21-year-old sensation’s greatest hits over the last four years including “Sleeping Beauty,” “Waiting For Him,” Where Did U Go, Get Over You and My Secret. The 24-track album also includes the previously unreleased live concert versions of “Lover” and A.I.N.Y.

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

Part 1
01. A.I.N.Y.
02. Someday I’ll Fly
03. All About U
04. 泡沫
05. 美好的舊時光 In My Heart
06. 睡公主
07. 情人 (Live)
08. 回憶的沙漏
09. 寂寞星球的玫瑰 The Rose
10. Mascara (煙燻妝)
11. G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving)
12. Where Did U Go 2.0 (Sam Vahdat Remix)

Download1 (.rar)

Part 2
01. Where Did U Go
02. Get Over You
03. Good to be Bad
05. 想講你知
06. 我的秘密 MySecret
07. 奇蹟
08. 賽納河
09. OH BOY
10. Twinkle II
11. 18
12. A.I.N.Y. (Live Piano Version)

Download2 (.rar)

~YouTube MV~

A.I.N.Y. (Live Piano Version) | OH BOY | Someday I’ll Fly

All About U | 泡沫 | WHAT HAVE U DONE

Get Over You | Good to be Bad | 睡公主

Where Did U Go | 寂寞星球的玫瑰 | A.I.N.Y.

Mascara 煙燻妝 | 想講你知 | 我的秘密 MySecret



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