[Albums] LGYankees (エルジーヤンキース) – NO DOUBT NO LIMIT, GO GO LGYankees & MADE IN LGYankees

GO! GO! LGYankees!!!

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 GO! GO! LGYankees!!! -Intro-
02 NO DOUBT SHIT ~2012~ feat. GIO,ITACHI
03 ボクでいいよね ~愛のうた~ feat. LGMonkees
04 Once More Again ~もう一度、抱きしめて~ feat. May J.
05 3年目の記念日 feat. Noa
06 Baby Girl feat. 吉見一星
07 DANCING CHANPION ~エナジーはナニーラ !?~
09 Close To You feat. 舞花
10 Graduation ~未来への約束~ feat. SO-TA
11 GO! GO! LGYankees!!! -Outro –
Bonus Track
12 Because… ~あなたがいた~ feat. Noa

Download : Songs Num.4,5,8 | Rest Songs  (.rar)


No Doubt! No Limit!

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 Intro
02 L.S.L ?U
03 Party UP!! Feat. ShaNa
04 Bye For Now
05 Eternal
06 Last Summer Day-Part? U-feat. Clef
07 Pure Hope
08 Drive On a Holiday feat. Noa
09 chEckmate Feat. EIGHT TRACK
10 Life Goes On Feat. 山猿
11 Dear Mama -Interlude-
12 Dear Mama feat.小田和正
13 Because… Feat.中村舞子
14 Outro
15 KO.A.KU.MA feat.Noa

Download (.rar)



PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 MADE IN LGYankees -Intro-
02 Success Thru The M.I.C
03 LG’s Life
04 Photograph feat. Noa
05 Back Wild feat. GIO & ITACHI
06 Cluck Over
07 fam feat. SO-TA
08 Never Mind
09 The Best Business
10 Love Sick feat 中村舞子
11 Nodoubt Folks feat. Clef, ShaNa
12 Message feat. 城南海
13 Good Luck Homies feat. 山猿
14 MADE IN LGYankees -Outro-
15 Dangerous Game

Download (.rar)


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