The group’s upcoming album will be their first new release in nearly 2 years. Their last studio album, “Perfection”, was released on March 4th, 2011, causing fans to grow anxious waiting for their return, “Break Down” will be released in both China and Korea in digital form. It is unclear whether the album will be available through iTunes in other countries as well that day as well, The group released an MV teaser for “Break Down” earlier this week, raising people’s expectations for the subunit’s comeback.

Super Junior-M returns with a bang in 2013 with their second album Break Down. Following in the footsteps of Super Girl and Perfection, SJ-M’s latest title song is an urban electro dance track with dubstep beats. Two of the songs on the album – Go and “It’s You” – are written by Zhou Mi and composed by Henry (with his music production team The NoizeBank). Zhou Mi also gets a solo this time: the ballad “Distant Embrace,” which is composed by singer-songwriter Michael Wong with lyrics by Hotcha’s Crystal. The album also features “Stand Up,” the theme song for the Chinese period blockbuster Saving General Yang.

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 Break Down
02 Go
03 完美的再見 (Good Bye My Love)
04 A-oh!
05 It’s You
06 距離的擁抱
07 Tunnel
08 Stand Up

Download (.rar)

[Korean Ver.]

01 Break Down
02 Good Bye My Love

Download (.rar)



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