Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) Songs Selection

Hsiao Ching-teng, born 30 March 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer. At the age of 17, while still in high school, he started working as a restaurant singer. In May 2007, Hsiao rose to fame after only three brief appearances in the first season of China Television (CTV)’s (中視) star search show, One Million Star (超級星光大道), which was the Taiwanese equivalence of American Idol. His wide vocal ranges, unique singing style, diverse music genres, and astounding charisma quickly capture the attention of the Taiwanese music industry.

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 阿飞的小蝴蝶 (A Fei De Xiao Hu Die)
02 爱过了头 (Ai Guo Le Tou)
03 爱游戏 (Ai You Xi)
04 白蛇传 (Bai She Chuan)
05 不停有意外的世界 (Bu Ting You Yi Wai De Shi Jie)
06 寂寞还是你 (Ji Mo Hai Shi Ni)
07 狂想曲 (Kuang Xiang Qu)
08 你 (Ni)
09 Say A Lil Something Hot
10 王妃 (Wang Fei)
11 怎么说我不爱你 (Zen Me Shuo Wo Bu Ai Ni)
12 只能想念你 (Zhi Neng Xiang Nian Ni)
13 倒带 (Dao Dai)
14 开到荼靡 (Kai Dao tu Mi)
15 给.爱人 (Gei. Airen)
16 记得 (Gei. Airen Jide)


17 王子的新衣 (Wangzi De Xin Yi)
18 活着 (Huozhe)
19 Blues
20 海芋恋 (Hai Yu Lian)


When you download the files, add (.rar) in end of file title

~YouTube MV~ 阿飛的小蝴蝶 | 愛過了頭 | 狂想曲 | 王妃 | 只能想念你 | 倒带 | 王子的新衣


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