[Album+MV] Sayuri Sugawara (菅原紗由理) – OPEN THE GATE

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 Star Drop
02 ただ (Tada)
03 いつの日も (Itsu No Hi Mo)
04 はばたくキミへ (Habataku Kimi E)
06 Beyond The Sky
08 恋の魔法 (Koi No Maho)
09 Love Again
10 Forever…
11 奏 -かなで- (So -Kana De-)
12 バスケットコート(Basukettokoto)
14 素直になれなくて -Piano Ver.- (Sunao Ni Narenakute)

Download : Songs Num. 1,2,3,9 | Rest Songs

Note : (The Rosy Songs Titles Links Not include them, They Was Added in Old Posts, To Find Them Search in Blog Search Box by Type singer name with song title, Or Just Click On Singer Name at Bolg Categories)

[MV] Star Drop was fixed!


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