[Album+MV] S.H.E – 花又開好了 (Hua You Kai Haole)

S.H.E is back! When Selina was out on medical treatment as a result of her filming lot accident two years ago, the Taiwan girl group’s activities were suspended indefinitely, with Hebe and Ella concentrating on their respective solo careers. Now that Selina has recovered, the time is ripe for the three of them to come back as a whole. Two years and eight months after SHERO, and 11 years since their debut, S.H.E finally makes their long-awaited return with a brand new album, which features 10 songs including the inspiring titular track “Flowering Again” written by Mayday’s Ashin.

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 迫不及待 (Pobujidai)
02 花又開好了 (Hua You Kai Haole)
03 不說再見 (Bu Shuo Zaijian)
04 心還是熱的 (Xīn Haishi Re De)
05 親愛的樹洞 (Qin’Ai de Shu Dong)
06 還我 (Huan Wo)
07 明天的自己 (Mingtian De Zijǐ)
08 那時候的樹 (Na Shihou De Shu)
09 像女孩的女人 (Xiang Nuhai De Nuren)
10 後來後來 (Houlai Houlai)


[YouTube MV] 花又開好了 | 心還是熱的 | 像女孩的女人 | 還我 | 不說再見 | 迫不及待 | 後來後來 | 那時候的樹 | 親愛的樹洞 | 明天的自己

S.H.E X 小琪 不說再見


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