[Mp3 Selection] LEXY (렉시) Songs Selection

Lexy has been featured in songs with many other YG artists, such as Se7en, 1TYM, Jinusean and Wheesung. She was marketed by YG as a hip-hop artist with a little mix of R&B vibe as well. Her debut album, LEXURY (released on October 6, 2003), was fairly well received and with her growing popularity she became a rival with popular singer Lee Hyori for a while. Though her debut album was well received.

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 Lexytro
02 Get Up (Intro) feat. TaeYang from BigBang
03 Ok feat. 1TYM & Perry
04 Every Day
05 그만 그만
06 Hit This Party feat. 김지은
07 눈물씻고 화장하고
08 Big Lexy
09 기꺼이
10 Touch Me
11 Party
12 내일 걱정은 내일해 feat. 스토니 스컹크 (StonySkunk)
13 Real Love
14 Oh Yeah
15 Move
16 My People
17 Baby Boy feat. 박봄
18 클레오파트라
19 What’S Love feat. Rain, Danny, 별(星), Jyp
20 Baby Come On
21 Let Me Dance feat. Teddy
22 Rush Lexy feat. 태양 Of Bigbang
23 Left To The Right feat. Masta Wu
24 Super Fly feat. G.D, T.O.P, 태양 Of Bigbang
25 Luz Control feat. SE7EN &  휘성 (辉星)
26 애송이 feat. 싸이


Note : (all that songs in low quality)


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