[Album+MV] SHOW LUO (ショウ・ルオ) – RUNNER

One of the biggest stars in Chinese music, Show Luo crossed over to the Japanese music world in 2012. After two single releases, Show is finally releasing his first Japanese-language album The Show! In addition to his two singles Dante and Magic, the album features eight other energetic new song from the Taiwan superstar!

PassWord :   d-r*e-a*md-r*e-a*m

02 Bounce!
03 Dance in Paradise
08 Tarantula
09 I Just Wanna Love You
10 See The Same Sky

Download : Songs Num. 1,2,4,5,9 Without Chinese Talk! | Rest Songs

Note : (The Rosy songs title the download links not included, They was in old posts, you can find them  by click on singer name in blog Categories or write these songs titles in blog search box)



6 thoughts on “[Album+MV] SHOW LUO (ショウ・ルオ) – RUNNER

  1. All the Songs in the download file have been edited, They have weird talking in all songs, please re-upload a better version from CD.

  2. Hello qy, Soo Fun & J, I will re-upload it all when I find album in better quality without that “weird talking” for now I re-upload 3 songs without that “talking”
    thank you all for this Alert *_^

  3. Dear admin, may i request you would kindly e-mail to notify me when the whole album is ‘without’ the Chinese talking ?
    Your efforts will be greatly appreciate. =)
    Cheers !!

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