[Album+MV] CHIHIRO (チヒロ) – C Is

4th album of R & B singer-songwriter · CHIHIRO born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Besides feat. Tarantula from Supontenia “forever” 4 ℃ “fireworks love” released “and singles, became the talk reached the Tarantula of Supontenia in January 2012” as a single delivery in 2011, this work, the album schedule all 12 songs that were written for the new song, and the song feat. gorgeous by the artist

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

01 C is (intro)
02 YES
03 どんなに離れても (Donnani Hanaretemo) feat. SEAMO
04 恋花火 (Koi Hanabi)
05 両想い (Ryou Omoi)
06 4ْC
07 Change Myself
08 Only U feat. SHIKATA
09 0:00 (interlude)
10 シンデレラ (Cinderrella)
11 あなた以上 (Anata Ijou)
12 永遠 (Eien) feat.Tarantula from スポンテニア
14 Love song

When you download the files, add (.rar) in after file title

Download : Songs Num.2,3,4,5,8,10,14 | Rest Songs

Note: (Download Links Not Include Rosy Songs, Rosy songs was added in old posts, you can found them by seach in blog search box or click on singer name in Categories)

[YouTube MV] どんなに離れても feat. SEAMO

[YouTube MV] YES


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