[Single+MV] Sandaime J Soul Brothers (三代目 J Soul Brothers) – 0~ZERO~

Before embarking on their first arena tour, J-Soul Brothers is releasing their latest mini-album 0 – Zero-. Produced by EXILE’s Hiro, the mini-album offers four brand-new tunes from the group, including the R&B ballad Hanabi. Before the group take on the biggest tour of their career, hear how they have evolved with their latest release!

PassWord: d-r*e-a*md-r*e-a*m

01 花火 (Hanabi)
03 Kiss You Tonight


[MV]花火 (Hanabi)


8 thoughts on “[Single+MV] Sandaime J Soul Brothers (三代目 J Soul Brothers) – 0~ZERO~

  1. thanks for sharing ^^

    btw, i’m looking the instrumental version from You Shine The World. do you have it?

  2. hello,
    i’ve dying to listen this fully…
    would you mind to re-upload??
    thank you

  3. Hi Syaza
    What is wrong?! do you mean with karaoke? or there is something else missing???
    the link in working, you just need to login or register in 4shared site, then download this file by clicking on download blue button, & karaoke was added in old post you can find it by searching for “*October.2012* KARAOKE”, sorry about that kind of “Difficulty” style in download

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