Vision, Wei Chen (魏晨) Songs Selection

Mainland pop singer Wei Chen was chosen by two entertainment giants in China and Korea to be the next big prospect on the international pop scene. He received four months of intensive training in Korea in preparation for his anticipated sophomore album, which is backed by the production team behind such K-pop artists as Rain and ZE:A. At the end of his training, Wei Chen premiered his brand new Mandarin single Daybreak in Korea’s hit music show M! Countdown. The powerful dance anthem is the title song of his new album, which also features the song Run Away in both Mandarin and Korean versions, the latter featuring MBLAQ members Lee Joon and Cheon Dung!

Vision, Wei Chen (魏晨) Songs Selection

01 Boys
02 Run Away 魏晨;이준(李准);천둥(天动) -MBLAQ
03 乐天派
04 千方百计
05 向日葵的微笑
06 女捕快
07 有你的幸福 魏晨;于莎莎
08 流星雨又来临
09 温存记忆
10 过客
11 酸酸甜甜



[Album+YouTube MV] Daybreak 破曉 (Release Date: 2012-03-06)

01. 破曉 (Daybreak)
02. Goodbye Goodbye
03. 月光
04. Run Away(中文)
05. 屏住呼吸 想你
06. 未來
07. 甜心口袋
08. Party Like a Rock Star
09. 寫給我的家
10. 伊人
11. (特別收錄)Run Away 韓文版

Download the Rest of Songs

01. 破曉 (Daybreak)
02. Goodbye Goodbye
03. 月光


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