[Album+MV] ISSA × SoulJa (一茶 × ソルジャ) – ISM

Da Pump leader Issa and hip-hop artist Soulja have already teamed up for three collaboration singles since 2010. Now, they’re taking their partnership to the next step with ISM, their first collaboration album! In addition to the three singles, ISM also features FOREVA, the response song to I HATE U, and I love u, featuring Fujida Anna and Minemura Yui. Featuring both dynamic dance tunes and touching romantic ballads, ISM has a bit of everything for music fans everywhere.

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

1. ISM
2. Destiny
3. D.T.N.A.
4. i hate u/ISSA×SoulJa+ROLA
5. ajisai…
6. FOREVA/ISSA×SoulJa+鈴木奈々 (Nana Suzuki)
8. P.A.I.O.
11. 4 chords
12. Breathe
13. i love u/ISSA×SoulJa+峯村優衣+藤田杏奈
14. SKIT
15. Glory

[YouTube MV] i love u/ISSA×SoulJa+峯村優衣+藤田杏奈

[YouTube MV] FOREVA/ISSA×SoulJa+鈴木奈々

[YouTube MV] Breathe

[YouTube MV] Feat. ROLA / i hate u

[YouTube MV] 4 chords

NOTE : (The Rosy songs titles are posted in old post, you can found them by add singers name with that song title in blog search box or by click on singers name in Categories)


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