[Album] CHEMISTRY (ケミストリー) – TRINITY

“Trinity” will be CHEMISTRY’s 7th original album, and their first one in about 2 years,  Seventh album release from CHEMISTRY including five solo songs each from Yoshikuni Dochin and Kaname Kawabatake, The main cornerstone of the activities of 11 years, “and each solo Kemi”, based on a two CHEMISTRY, Chia-Chin Hall as a solo country, as required Kawabata solo, recorded the five songs each, respectively. Just the title “Trinity” and, together with three elements, Trinity works exactly. CHEMISTRY mentioned throughout the history of the building 10 years, through their new solo work began in parallel activities to commemorate the 10th anniversary, upon 11 years since, with each “voice” a new chemically reacted and became the width and quality of work was sublimed as a true singer duo!

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m

<CHEMISTRY (ケミストリー) Part>

01. Trinity
03. Independence
04. Dreamy Life
05. Eternal Smile


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<川畑要 (Kawabata Kaname) Part>

01. New Arrival
02. Sub-Way
03. STOP
04. HERO
05. Sweet Pain

< 堂珍嘉邦 (Dochin Yoshikuni) Part>

01. Lucid Dream
02. Failure
03. Believe
04. She Knows Why
05. 悲しみシャワー (Kanashimi Shower)

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