[Album+MV] Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) – Firebird

Now that she is an expecting mother, Miriam Yeung has put her career on hiatus – but not before recording her latest studio album! The highly anticipated new album carries an avian motif with eight new songs titled after birds or related things, such as the titular track “Firebird” (written by Keith Chan and Lin Xi), which soared to the top of several major airplay charts. A year in the making, the album marks the Canto-pop diva’s transition to a new phase of life, and she encourages the listeners to stay true to oneself in order to find success and happiness. Other highlights of the album include “White Swan” and “Wind Beneath the Wings”.

01. 火鳥
02. 白天鵝
03. 知更
04. 孔雀
05. 金絲雀
06. 深息
07. 翅膀下的風
08. 裊裊

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01 火鳥
02 白天鵝
03 翅膀下的風