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[Album] Phoenix Legend (凤凰传奇) – 拜新年 (Bai Xin Nian)

01 拜新年 (Bai Xin Nian)
02 大聲唱 (Da Sheng Chang)
03 我們的歌謠 (Wo Men De Ge Yao)
04 荷塘月色 (He Tang Yue Se)
05 光芒 (Guang Mang)
06 我从草原来 (Wo Cong Cao Yuan Lai)
07 全是爱 (Quan Shi Ai)
08 最炫民族风 (Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng)
09 郎的诱惑 (Lang De You Huo)
10 自由飞翔 (Zi You Fei Xiang)
11 等愛的玫瑰 (Deng Ai De Mei Gui)
12 月亮之上 (Yue Liang Zhi Shang)
13 一代天驕 (Yi Dai Tian Jiao)
14 天蓝蓝 (Tian Lan Lan)
15 桂林美 ( Gui Lin Mei)

Note : (All the Rosy songs titles was added in old posts, you can find it by add band name with that song title in blog search box or by click on band name in blog Categories)

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