[5 Chinese Bonus+MV] ATSUSHI SATOU (佐藤 篤志) – 我愿意 (Wo Yuan Yi)

EXILE’s ATSUSHI has plans to advance to China. Their album EXILE JAPAN will be release simultaneously in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on New Year’s Day. ATSUSHI will release a special solo Cd in which features collaboration between him and several Chinese singers.
The CD will include 5 songs in which Taiwanese artist Jay Chou and other 4 famous singers will participate. The songs will be covered songs by the respective artists in Japanese and in Chinese. ATSUSHI has challenged himself to sing  我願意(Anata ni tsuku shimas) in full Chinese.

ATSUSHI announced that he is determined to advance EXILE’s activities to China and will in fact stay there next year to learn Chinese. He also hopes that all Asian artists can collaborate together more often and create good music and parts of Asia.

MV also special please to has Lin Chi-ling starred in, ATSUSHI doubled sang version Hou  in Taiwan shooting scene of MV.

01 小城大事 ~相信永恆~ (Xiao Cheng Da Shi~Eien wo Shinji te~)
02 說了再見~Real Valentine~ (Shuo Le Zai Jian) Feat. Jay Chou -周杰倫- on piano
03 相信有一天…  / いつかきっと… (Itsuka kitto…) Feat. David Tao -陶喆-
04 我愿意 (Wo Yuan Yi)
05 心願 ~願望Yuan Wang ver.~feat. Na Ying -那英-

How To Open Download File?

PassWord: d-r*e-a*m


[MV] 我愿意 (Wo Yuan Yi)


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