[Winter Mini-Album+MV] GLAY (グレイ) – Hope and The Silver Sunrise

JUJU recently covered GLAY’s “BELOVED” for a Sony CM, which inspired TAKURO to approach JUJU with an offer to participate in their next project. Guitarist GLAY member TAKURO commented:
“GLAY began a new experiment this year call G-DIRECT and at the end of 2011 we will release a great Christmas best-of album with 5 good-heart songs. It has been a struggle to overcome the sudden earthquake from March, and the name “Hope and The Silver Sunrise” was chosen with the hope of Japan’s revival”

PassWord:  d-r*e-a*m

1. Time for Christmas feat. JUJU
3. Winter.again (inspired by Hope and The Silver Sunrise)
4. カイエ
5. 君にあえたら(Kimi ni Aetara)

[YouTube MV] 君に会えたら (Kimi ni Aetara)