[Single+MV] EXILE (エグザイル) – Rising Sun / いつかきっと… (Itsuka Kitto…)

EXILE’s ATSUSHI will be singing the theme song, titled “Itsuka kitto…“,  He said “This song is a reflection and declaration of what the kind of hope and what I feel at this time and age. Because we are in this time, I reflected on my own being and accepted myself for who I am and all my thoughts and answers to what I hope for the future are in this song.”

“Rising Sun” was written by EXILE member ATSUSHI, who sought to express his wish for the rapid recovery of areas afflicted by the Tohoku disaster.

Mp3 PassWord:  d-r*e-a*m

01 Rising Sun
02 いつかきっと・・・(Itsuka Kitto…) ~ATSUSHI SOLO~

[MV] いつかきっと… (Itsuka Kitto…) PassWord:  d-r*e-a*m

[MV] RAISING SUN PassWord:  123