[Album+6MV] FTIsland (エフティ・アイランド) – FIVE TREASURE ISLAND

After four major Japanese-language singles, Korean band FTIsland finally releases their first full-length Japanese-language album FIVE TREASURE ISLAND. The 13-track album features a mix of brand-new songs and previously released singles, making this the most comprehensive collection of FTIsland’s work in Japan thus far.

PW songs num (3, 5, 6, 8, 9):  ft6is*land+

01 Flower Rock  PassWord: d-r*e-a*m | How To Open This File?
03 ハルカ (Haruka)
04 Brand-new days
05 mi・ra・i
06 いつか
07 So today…
08 yume
09 Rock’n’roll
10 Boom Boom Boom
11 Music Life
12 Friends
13 Treasure

[Full Offical YouTube MV]

[YouTube MV] ハルカ (Haruka)
[YouTube MV] Flower Rock

[YouTube MV] Brandnew days
[YouTube MV] So today…
[YouTube MV] Treasure

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