[Album] Kim Jong Kook (김종국) – Remake Song

Genre: Ballad

He reinterprets K-pop classics from the seventies to nineties in his new remake album, with adding some hip-hop flair to Korean R&B The popular crooner’s soft, distinctive voice makes a perfect match for the songs, updating the classics with a new sound while retaining the original emotional tone.

>>Selection for Joy and have relax time<<

  1. 기억이란 사랑보다 (What I remember more)
  2. 슬픈바다 (Sad Sea)
  3. 개여울 (Gaeyeoul)
  4. 다시 내게로 돌아와 (feat.개리).mp3 (Come back to me (feat. Gary))
  5. 편지 (Letters)
  6. 사랑하기에 (To love)
  7. 당신도 울고 있네요 (You crying)
  8. 가을편지 (Autumn Letter)
  9. 먼지가 되어 (To dust)
  10. 토요일은 밤이 좋아 (Good Saturday night)

Download Songs Num. 3,4,8,9,10


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